Repatriation of Prisoners of War

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At the end of war, prisoners were progressively liberated and repatriated to their 'home' countries. Many men had been imprisoned for many years. All had suffered traumas of varying sorts and in varying degrees. Assimilation back into post-war…

Visiting the Museum at Lamsdorf

Strange as it might seem, the letter Ł in Polish is pronounced like a W in English, so Łambinowice is pronounced 'Wambinowice'. 'Złoty', the Polish currency, is pronounced 'Zwoty'. In Polish the letter W is pronounced like the Engish…

Leo Micklitz – Stalag VIIIB guard

I was born close to Lamsdorf in 1936. My father, Leo Micklitz, who immigrated to the US in 1952 died in 1989. But during the war he was a prison guard at Lamsdorf ( he had been injured during the Polish and the French campaign) and was subsequently…

Frederick Read – A War Fought Behind The Wire

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'A War Fought Behind The Wire' is Frederick Read's tale of life in the British army, 1925 - 1947, including his war-time experiences. A WAR FOUGHT BEHIND THE WIRE (86 pages)  

Sights, Sounds, Memories: South African Soldier Experiences Of The Second World War

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Synopsis: The Second World War involved most of the countries of the world and left so many millions dead and maimed, disorganised and devastated through personal and communal loss. This book recovers some of South Africa’s soldiers’ experiences…

Letters between Arthur Weston and Elfriede Hannak

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Arthur A Weston OBE organised trips to Lamsdorf and was eventually motivated to write to Elfriede Hannak who had been an office worker  at Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf (it is not clear how he had obtained an address for her). In this letter written…

Archie Crack – the search for a Czech family who helped him

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Report from Canadian Battlefield Tours In the second world war, an Australian soldier Alwyne (Archie) Crack was a prisoner of the Germans at Lambinowice in Poland. This was a large prisoner-of-war camp Stalag 344 for prisoners of war from Britain,…

Arthur Lovell – Long March Diary and transcript

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Arthur Lovell was captured on 20th May 1940 on the outskirts of Amiens in north east France. As far as we know he only kept a diary for the year 1945 and we wonder 'where did he get it from?' The first entry is for 21st January 1945 and starts…

Jimmy Howe – Death of Eastbourne’s ‘Mr Music’

Eastbourne Herald Published on Tuesday 29 March 2005 16:42 RENOWNED conductor and Eastbourne's 'Mr Music' Major Jimmy Howe has died at the age of 87. Throughout the 1960s and most of the 70s, Jimmy Howe brought the Scots Guard Band…